Why does my vagina look like this picture?

Answer normal…

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Is my vagina supposed to look like this?

You know when you rub your knees against the carpet and the next day your knees ache a little and the skin is splotchy? It's kind of the same thing, except on your clitoris. A rug burn of sorts. It... Read More »

Does this picture look fake to you?

Doesn't look fake. Flashes from cameras make things seem "plastic" or brighter than they normally are, so they appear to be different than normal. Try taking the pic with natural light next time. L... Read More »

How does the girl look in this picture?

I've seen better, but you're not ugly. Kinda cute actually

Does the vagina of a virgin look different from the vagina of someone whos not a virgin?

You have to know the the pictures on Google are not TOO accurate, and everyone is a little different. The little bag thing is your clitoris, which was probably just a messy sketch and is really sup... Read More »