Why does my university still have me owing a bill?

Answer How should we know? Maybe there was something you failed to do during the process of dropping out. Contact your school and ask.

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Cell phone stolen do I still have to pay the bill?

You should have reported it, like you said. I think you are now responsible for the bill because there isn't any way to prove the phone was used by someone else because you didn't do anything abou... Read More »

If a car is stolen and it is still being paid for and the borrower does not have insurance on it but the bank has liability does the borrower still have to pay off the loan?

Just as with any other cost of doing business, When the expense is incurred in the course of production or service then those costs should be included in expenses.

Does Bill Clinton still get secret service protection?

Yes. Bill Clinton will receive Secret Service protection of for life.

If you take out Optimum Online from the bill ,can you STILL have internet from the Belkin Router?

No. The Belkin router gets it's internet from the modem that Optimum Online provided you. If you take that away you will not have any more internet.