Why does my tooth hurt when i wake up (got a filling a week ago)?

Answer talk to a dentist

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Why does my tooth hurt after filling?

If your dentist keeps ignoring your pain, I'd find a new one. Is it a composite filling (all white/natural tooth color)? If so, it's very common to have sensitivity to those fillings but what you'r... Read More »

Should you tooth still hurt after a filling?

it depends on how bad the filling was go to France a see a dentist called Hitler hes amazing

Does getting a tooth filling hurt Help! I'm Scared!?

No it doesnt. It is your fear that tells you to be scared. Ask the dentist to use topical anesthetic before he injects the needle. You wont feel nothing even the poking. If he is a good dentist he ... Read More »

Why does it hurt when you bite into aluminum foil with a metal filling in your tooth?

It's called "galvanic shock". It's a little electrical current or shock that happens when two unlike metals in the mouth touch. Your saliva contains salt which makes it a good conductor. Plus the t... Read More »