Why does my tooth hurt?

Answer That's strange. When I got my root canal I didn't feel a thing at all during and after the procedure. Maybe this next root canal will be a breeze? Tell them to give you happy gas, and if it hurts, ... Read More »

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Why does a molar tooth still hurt two months after a root canal and could the nerve still be in the tooth?

Weird, I had this same problem recently. I had a root canal down and a few months later my tooth started hurting again. I was now going to a different dentist and he took out the filling and the pr... Read More »

Why does my tooth hurt so bad?

It's not uncommon, certainly. If a filling is translating heat and cold inside the tooth near the root, it will be angry about it. Most of the time this sensitivity wears off over time (after abou... Read More »

Does tooth extraction hurt ?

i feel your pain, feltive had mines for a month now.first of allthe extractions were made by a relative, kinda sadist used a little local anesthetic but i could still feel the tooth pull from the b... Read More »

Does peroxide hurt tooth enamel?

yes hurts teeth but if don't believe try it I'm only 12years old