Why does my telly turn itself on every morning at 6am?

Answer hit your menu button on the tv and cable box and look for alarm/wake up settings. it should be in same area as sleep timer

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What time is better to turn on the sprinklers,in the morning or at night?

Preferably early morning about 5-6 am depending on how many runs you have. It is better to start early when wind and sun wont affect the sprinklers but don't run late in the day when the grass will... Read More »

Why do your eyes hurt when you wake up and turn on the light for the first time today in the morning?

because throughout the night, the muscles in your eyes were relaxed due to the darkness. when you wake up, your muscles suddenly contract so that less light can enter your eye. it contracts in orde... Read More »

I want to know how to turn on a wall mounted warm morning direct vent heater. The pilot light won't go on.?

If it worked last year it should work this year.If you are having trouble keeping the pilot light lit, it could be your thermocouple is bad. It is what keeps the valve open so the gas keeps flowing... Read More »

Have u ever been on telly?

Yes, but the top of it was slippery and I fell off!!