Why does my teeth have blue mold on them?

Answer wow that sounds great

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Why does blue cheese have mold in it?

Mold is responsible for the "blue" in blue cheese as well as its distinguished robust, pungent flavor. While many people are put off by its visual appearance, blue cheese lovers will swear that the... Read More »

What options does a 17-year-old with huge front teeth and a big gap between them have?

Answer Your option would be to go to a dental surgeon to have then put some braces on. They do have braces that you can't see. Answer I don't know what others think, but I think they are quiet fas... Read More »

Will a lip piercing that puts pressure on your teeth harm them even if it does not bang against them?

Answer it does scrape the enamel off of your teeth a bit, but the main thng is to keep your teeth very clean with brushing and using a mouthwash, like listerine, and keep an eye on the jewelry you ... Read More »

I have some 18 k gold jewlery that I don't like, is it better to sell them or have a jewler to mold it?

Price it out both ways. Go to a good reliable local jeweler. Not one of those in the mall, but the kind that have been in the same location for years.