Why does my teacher say Wikipedia is an unreliable encyclopedia?

Answer They keep insisting that its open nature makes it vulnerable to misinformation, but that exact property makes Wikipedia to improve over time.The article on 0.999... started as a stub, then was grad... Read More »

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Why does Wikipedia hate Encyclopedia Dramatica?

There was an Encyclopedia Dramatica article that was the locus of a very sore deletion debate. At the time the site wasn't notable, or was borderline notable at best, but the whole issue was compl... Read More »

Does wikipedia count as an encyclopedia article in the works cited page?

Wikipedia is actually not a trusted source for information. A lot of professors and teachers do not accept it as a resource for papers. The reason is because content on Wikipedia can be modified, a... Read More »

Is Wikipedia unreliable?

It all depends on what you're looking for. The reliability of an article on Wikipedia is inversely proportional to its relevance or usefulness in the real world.For example, "Physics of the Dragon... Read More »

Wikipedia Unreliable?

Well some do believe it is unreliable ...but it is good to gain knowledge from Wikipedia .so that you can search about the topic you need in detail on other sites whose references will be acceptedR... Read More »