Why does my spreadsheet automatically colour in columns when I enter data?

Answer Below I included 2 links that may be of assistance. When these problems arise, first I try tinkering with excel and see if I can find where the default has changed. The first step is trying to figu... Read More »

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How many columns are in microsoft excel spreadsheet?

According to Microsoft, the "Big Grid" of Excel 2007 increases the maximum number of columns from 256 to 16,384 on each spreadsheet and the maximum number of rows to over 1 million. Other increases... Read More »

How to Remove Columns From an Excel Spreadsheet?

If you put in some extra hours working on a spreadsheet, you may be rewarded with the results you want but you might also end up with a few extra columns in your Microsoft Excel worksheet. You can ... Read More »

What is the number of columns in an Excel spreadsheet?

According to Microsoft Office's Support page,, the maximum number of columns in a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet is 256. According to the same source, Microsoft Excel 2007's ... Read More »

How to Sort an Excel Spreadsheet by Rows & Then Columns?

Excel spreadsheets can be useful documents when you are trying to show a lot of data in only a few pages. Excel can show things like the correlation between an action or event that takes place and ... Read More »