Why does my sprained wrist keep going numb Could it be fractured?

Answer It could have got a nerve, or be a fracture, in which case you need to call the doctor's or get it checked out again!EDIT: thanks for the help on mine :) but here's some more I thought of after I a... Read More »

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Sprained/Broken/Fractured wrist Any ideas?

if you have a high tolerance for pain it can be brokeni have done that a few timesif you wake up at night with it hurting really bad, or the next day the pain gets worse and worse, its probably bro... Read More »

Could my wrist be fractured?

Sometimes with a wrist fracture that occurs from catching yourself like you describe, the bones maintain normal position for a day or two. The "jamming" of the bones can disguise a broken wrist te... Read More »

Why does my tongue keep going numb?

Hey - Well it is possible that MS can do these things since it can affect any part of the nervous system which then affects most parts of the body.Or it could've just been a random sensation. lol ... Read More »

Sprained Wrist Or Could It Be Worse?

You should have gotten it checked out when you had it sprained but it might have healed wrong and you might possibly need surgery to fix it