Why does my sister keep picking and being mean to i when i told her to stop?

Answer She might want your attention and is trying to get it in the wrong way. She might also be trying to just get on your nerves and annoy you.Tell your parents about it and she could get grounded or so... Read More »

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How can I prevent my t-shirts from picking up a funny odor in my dresser drawer I'm told my dresser is maple?

I would buy some drawer liners. They come in beautiful colors and prints and have a nice feminine scent. This would keep your clothes from laying on the wood. You could also tuck some new dryer she... Read More »

Your brother told your sister in law that the gang was going down to their son what should she do?

The English language has no special term for the wife of your husband's cousin. She is not considered to be related to her. Just call her by her name.

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Picking on You?

It really stinks when your dad is picking on you. Here are some suggestions. Dads don't always know when they have gone too far.

How to Stop Lip Picking?

Lip picking is when you pull the skin off of your lips, which is usually due to chapping or dryness. Extreme weather conditions, sickness and fever blisters may trigger this practice. Its natural t... Read More »