Why does my shin hurt?

Answer Kicked in the shin? Hard?Then it could be a fracture.Years back, my daughter was playing with her friend, and ended up with a fracture in her leg ... also her shin. Her leg looked fine, so we didn'... Read More »

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Where does it usually hurt when you get shin splints?

On One Hand: Shin Splints Affects the Front of the LegShin splints is a common term for a variety of lower leg injuries usually caused by exercise. Shin splints is a typical "overuse injury" in tha... Read More »

Could knee pain make your shin hurt?

yes,, they are connected together... so it depends on what was injured.. U just need to go on and have it ex-rayed to see if more damage has been done..Good luck.. right here at the holidays..

Shin sprints or shin fracture?

This happens mostly because when you run, the balls of your feet hit the ground first which is what happens when you run fast.For the meantime, slow down your running and try to let the heels of yo... Read More »

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