Why does my shih tzu want to drink continuously?

Answer Any breed of dog is prone to a number of diseases that cause excessive water consumption. Shih tzus in particular are prone to a congenital disease called renal cortical hypoplasia, with one of the... Read More »

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What is the difference between female shih tzus& male shih tzus?

Male and female shih tzus display few obvious physical differences. According to the American Kennel Club's breed standards, shih tzus of both sexes are compact, friendly and small in stature. Neve... Read More »

Would you give up Or continuously try?

I know on your myspace you talked about how bruce's family tried to babysit brayden, but then backed out when you said you wanted to be there, something along those lines, which seems shady. I woul... Read More »

Why is My Dog Continuously Sneezing?

Just like humans, dogs sneeze--although dogs do not cover their noses when they do. It is normal for a dog to sneeze once or twice. When a dog sneezes continuously in bouts that occur repeatedly th... Read More »

Does Hair Grow Continuously?

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