Why does my sew in get tangled so easily?

Answer the chlorine in the pool seems to be reacting badly with the hair and naturally chlorine dries out real hair so that is you problem. normally once a weave is tangled then it will be very hard to ge... Read More »

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When does tangled come out on blue Ray?

Why does my back hurt so easily ?

not if its only your backfms is real, but it is actually is HIGHLY overdiagnosed...i know 4 others that were diagnosed with it--NONE really had it (confirmed that they were misdiagnosed).... Read More »

Why does my hair fall off so easily?

If I remember correctly, it's normal to lose about 100 strands a day. But if there's far more than that, it could be a variety of things... stress, bad diet, thyroid/hormone problems, alopecia, too... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4 break easily?

The thing you should care about the most is the back and front of the iPhone. The reason I'm saying this is because not just the screen is made of glass, so is the back. Don't sit on it. If you buy... Read More »