Why does my scanner turn on whenever I plug in my laptop?

Answer You are plugging into a network and the printer is set to share. As you said " It doesn't do any harm to anything". You can set your LapTop to print to it if you so desire. Compute Away!!!!

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You hooked your laptop to your stereo via headphone plug to headphone plug with a cord and its really quiet how do you make it loud?

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I have to unplug and plug in my scanner before each use?

Try reinstalling the driver for the scanner.

Scanner USB powered vs Wall Plug?

Personally, I keep my laptop plugged into the mains, so the battery is always fully-charged. Therefore, it doesn't matter to me whether the scanner is USB or not - there is always enough power avai... Read More »

Three short beeps when I plug in my scanner?

It would help to know what model scanner u own.Also, did it ever work on this computer? If yes: did XP get any updates since this problem started? Were there any other changes made like new hardw... Read More »