Why does my scanner only scan part of the picture?

Answer It's not the printer/scanner that is the culprit, but the application you're using. Getting a new printer/scanner usually won't solve your problem, as you've found out. Open the scanning applicatio... Read More »

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I dont have a scanner n wud like to scan small picture n make them big. what scan can i buy?

u can dfntly go for a hp scanner.. or u can go for a hp all in one.. so dat u can print scan all at the same time! n u can trst a hp tech on ths! as m one!

How come the preview scan picture that my scanner shows doesn't look like the final scanned digital picture?

The preview is just so you know how it is going to look like, and is usualy faster, and after you make the final scan, having selected the part of the image that you want, it should make a better q... Read More »

How do i scan a picture from my printer/scanner onto my computer?

First, you pull your pants up and make sure your boxers aren't hanging out, like you have some self respect and class. I'll give you a hint because maybe you didn't know this but "Yo bro, yer white... Read More »

My scanner only scans part of a picture?

Make sure that you have extended the mask when you are in preview mode. The MASK is the outline over your document which you can extend from all sides to include all the document you want to scan. ... Read More »