Why does my sattelite channels work only when it wants to.?

Answer signal dissipation.the reason it works well on overcast and cloudy days is because the signal is strenghened by 'bouncing' between the earth and the clouds, this creates a strong 'field' which dish... Read More »

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Why does my Pace Digibox doesn't receive all free-to-air channels It only finds channels up to ch 682! Why?

do you get 104 and 105, if not its because you need a card, you can buy a freeview card for a one off £20 from sky, press service and 2 and go down to Freesat for telephone number

Why does my faucet only turn on when it wants?

Go under the sink and shut off the tap to that faucet so no water comes out. Now disassemble tap. Most likely the rubber washer screw is no longer screwed on tightly so the washer is not lettin... Read More »

Cable TV, Sattelite Dish TV Why should we pay so much for 99% of the channels we aren't watching?

well, I've always heard that the people that own the channels have always been in the frame of mind that in order to carry 1 of their channels, they make the cable/sat companies carry some or all o... Read More »

My on digital only scans to 38% when i scan for channels?

Hi that 38% about particular network or general gain?Well, the gain (signal strength) also depend of distance from source transceiver, obstacles and many times from angle (pointing) of you... Read More »