Why does my right eye keep twitching?

Answer my eye was doing it all this morning-you need sleep. I drank coffee and it went a away (obviously cause of the caffine). So if you don't have time to sleep, drink some coffee but a word of caution... Read More »

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Why does my leg keep twitching?

Maybe it's thirsty to twerk. Try twerking. Twerk the twitch out.

Why does my thumb keep twitching?

Pinched nerve. Well, probably nothing worse than that. It will stop on its own. I doubt there's anything to worry about.But just in case you are the type who likes to worry, here's something to con... Read More »

My eye keep twitching, why?

My right eye won't stop twitching ! : (?

according to a site i googled there are 8 reasons why your eyelids are twitchingStressTirednessEyestrainCaffeineAlcoholDry eyesNutritional imbalancesAllergiesAlso if you have different eye contacts... Read More »