Why does my public ip change?

Answer ALL normal Internet IP addresses are dynamic and subject to change at any time. If you want to run a public server you need to subscribe to a static IP with your provider. They normally require ext... Read More »

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How to Change a Diaper in Public?

Going on outings with your baby can be difficult. You need to care for the baby's needs but in completely different and often awkward scenarios. Whether you are going to your local retail park or t... Read More »

How can I change my Facebook "About" page to "Public"?

Go into your profile edits ands elect the globe icon which represent publc

Why do my public hairs change color in fall?

How to Write a Proposal on How to Change Policy in the Public Sector?

Proposals seek to address a specific problem by suggesting a possible solution to that problem. Proposals that suggest changing a policy in the public sector seek to alter guidelines pertaining to ... Read More »