Why does my printer take long to print.?

Answer Your printer just may be a slower printer, or you may have the settings on one of the "nicer" settings, which slows it down. Set your document to "draft" printing and that should speed it up a bit.

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My printer cartridge is not print out pictures that I tell it to print!!!!!!My printer is HP PSC 1410 and it?

Printer should be on and plugged inClick1)) Start - -> Run -- type oklook 4 Print Spooler .....Restart the service2))Restart the computer while the cable is unplugged....Replug... Read More »

If I buy an Airprint enabled printer and want to print from an iPhone, does the printer have to be turned on?

No, Airprint printers print when they're turned off to save electricity.

Is it possible to connect a printer and take print outs using tablet pc?

Yes.... Sort of.Me, I use my internal network and aim the printouts to one of the printers on the network.

My printer doesn't print in colour.does anyone know how i can get it to print in colour again?