Why does my printer say the ink level is low after having the cartridge refilled?

Answer I had 2 carts refilled at walgreens and they each printed 3-4 pages and then empty. I wont go back there.

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Is it safe for the printer to use refilled ink cartridge?

IF (that is a BIG if) the INK is absolutely correct for the printerANDthe refill is done absolutely right AND the ink does not have the print head in the same cartridgeYou should be OKIF ANY ONE of... Read More »

Please suggest a monolaser printer whose toner cartridge can be refilled.?

I always buy my ink cartridges or toners from ink and toner direct (inkandtoneruk) these are quality you can either buy cartridges from there website and they even sell on ebay and amazon at a cut ... Read More »

Instead of buying a new ink cartridge for my printer I had it doesn't print...Why?

Most newer Printer Ink Cartridges have a "memory" that will turn them off once they have been emptied for the first time, and the cheap refilling services at the mall are not able to reset that mem... Read More »

HP printer. Cartirdge. Should we use original or refilled. Is refilled safe for printer?

Refilled is ok although some cartridges contain chips that tell the printer when they're empty .. and at times refilling them wont alter the info on the chip so the printer might think the ink is o... Read More »