Why does my printer only print out 1 page?

Answer That's a good question.What operating system, programs (& versions) to print are you using?What make & model is your printer?What type of document are you trying to print?

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Why does my printer pretend to print but only gives a blank page?

What will the cost of ink per page, if I print only in greyscale and if I print normal colour printouts?

The page yield is based on standard documents, and you may get more or less pages. I found in standard black printing that blue is added, but greyscale may be black-only. Printing faces and people ... Read More »

My printer just printed the test page. I have been trying to print other documents and it will not print!?

If you have a printer that is 10 years old or older and you have Windows 8 that will be the problem. Windows 8 can have a problem printing with older printers.

Why does my printer print out a second page with unwanted information about the document itself?

I think you're talking about the document properties page that can sometimes print out with Word for Windows... To get rid of it do this:1. Go to Tools on your toolbar in Word...2. Under Tools at t... Read More »