Why does my printer grab more than one piece of paper...?

Answer It's probably dirty. Turn it off, then try cleaning the rollers with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. Let it dry, and turn it on again...

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Does Inkjet matte paper use more ink than glossy paper?

Inkjet matte paper actually uses less ink than glossy paper because it is less dense and does not have the added chemicals and coatings of glossy paper. These chemicals and coatings decrease the ab... Read More »

Does the first and last piece of a loaf of bread have more calories than the middle?

no probably less because it is thinner and some is burnt.

Does matte photo paper require more ink than glossy photo paper?

Glossy photo paper actually uses slightly more ink than matte alternatives, according to Epson. Matte photo paper itself includes multiple varieties that consume ink at different rates. Some printe... Read More »

Why does a paper cut seem to hurt more than other comparable minor injuries?

The fingers have many pain receptors in them, paper cuts do not bleed much so the exposure to the air irritates them more. There is also fibres in paper and possibly bleach as well, so this will ir... Read More »