Why does my pc keep telling me i have very low virtual memory?

Answer Have you tried using something like "CrapCleaner" which gets rid of loads of rubbish files that you always get simply from switching on seemingly! I was on Yahoo for three hours the other day and t... Read More »

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What is Virtual Memory & Why is my computer telling me it is to low & How do you fix it?

You can increase the amount of storage space on your hard drive for temporary internet files. If you do a lot of web surfing everyday, the new limit you adjust it to might end up being too low also... Read More »

My pc keeps telling me my virtual memry is low, what does this mean and how can i fix it?

You can increase the virtual memory on the hard drive.Control Panel > System > Performance Tab > Advanced (I think) there will be something that says Paging File and you can increase its size.The b... Read More »

I see a error message telling that" you need to format ".this happens for a 8gb memory card,where i filled 6.8?

dont format just plug ur pendrive and open my computer. There just below the titlebar there is a dropdown click that and select ur pendrive... If it opens click mine as best answer.

How do I get more virtual memory?

What if some of your bulkier applications have started to slow down to a snail's pace and others simply crash when you try to run them? You might fix the problem by purchasing more RAM, but in some... Read More »