Why does my pc boot up and then after 2 or 3 seconds shut down repeatedly?

Answer Sounds like you have a worm or a virus. I can't remember which one, but one of them does that. I'm assuming thatyou have access to a computer to look things up since you managed to post this questi... Read More »

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Should a front loading washing machine repeatedly agitate for a few seconds and then pause for a few seconds throughout the washing cycle instead of agitating continuously?

Answer It depends on the model. I really don't know how many do and how many do not. Every one I've worked with in my positions as laundry attendant have done it.

My computer will not stay powered. It only stays on for about 20 seconds then shut off.?

Does it make any beeps? The number and duration of those beeps might help you determine the problem. Check the motherboard documentation.

My PC shuts down after few seconds on loading a game,after i restart the monitor resolution changes to minimum?

I suggest that you update your drivers and try another game. If the other game does not crash your computer, it was the settings for the previous game that crashed your computer. ... Read More »

How does a computer keep its digital clock running even after years of being shut down. Its pretty amazing?

Yup.Well when you close your computer, there's still a little part inside that stays on. It works with a battery, and it uses so little power (kinda like a close using close to no power) that it la... Read More »