Why does my parrot pull his feathers out?

Answer Feather plucking in parrots and other pet birds is relatively a common problem. Without healthy feathers a bird is unable to regulate its temperature. Feathers are also important to a many bird's p... Read More »

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Can parrot feathers be used in an aquarium?

Parrot feathers, from birds, should be kept out of aquariums. Myriophyllum aquaticum, also known as parrot feather, is a popular floating plant that resembles bird feathers. Parrot feather is commo... Read More »

Can I put my Quaker parrot in the same cage with my African grey parrot?

Most parrot cages are too small to house more than one parrot the size of an African grey, even if the cage mate is a small Quaker parrot. Both of these species can be aggressive, especially in cra... Read More »

Where do the feathers come from in down coats?

Down comes from waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Down is an insulating type of feather that does not have a quill. It lies underneath the exterior, harder feathers. Down is made of thousands of f... Read More »

How to Find All of the Feathers in AC2?

Feathers are special items in "Assassin's Creed 2." You must collect all 100 to earn a special achievement. They are scattered throughout the game's four cities. They can be found by using maps pu... Read More »