Why does my new puppy whine so much?

Answer New puppies can be a handful to take care of, especially if you are unfamiliar with puppy behavior. Whining is one of the main annoyances of puppy owners. Understanding why your puppy whines will h... Read More »

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Can whine expire, Cheap whine and fine whine?

All wine expires eventually, even if it's never been opened. As you don't tell us how old your wine is and what kind it is, nobody can give you accurate advice. If it's a reasonably good wine then ... Read More »

Why do men drink too much and then whine about their hangovers?

80% of men are babies when it comes to pain and sickness

Why Does a Torque Converter Whine?

Automatic transmission torque converter whine is a common ailment in cars, but it doesn't necessarily mean a transmission overhaul. Instead, the whine could be a result of too much space between th... Read More »

How much care does a puppy require?

Puppies require a lot of care and attention, similar to that of a child. According to the National Council of Pet Population and Policy, one of the top ten reasons people abandon dogs is "having no... Read More »