I hurt my neck somehow?

Answer It sounds like you pulled one of your neck muscles. You should do neck rotation exercises and massage the painful area gently.

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Fell and hurt my neck?

You have injured your neck. One of the best ways to help this is see a good family/sports chiropractor. Ask your mom if she or one of her friends knows one - they will really help a lot.Good luck... Read More »

I hurt my neck while doing acrobatics?

As long as there is just light pain, it should improve. Chances are it is a neck muscle strain. The cracking is just gas popping out of the joint from going beyond the normal range of motion. You c... Read More »

My neck and shoulders hurt is there any?

Hey Natty, welcome back to Yahoo Answers again...... you can take ibuprofen and paracetemol together... ibruprofen will help with the swelling as well as the pain, paracetemol will help with the pa... Read More »

Why does my neck hurt when I put it in a noose?

You have probably just got a knot in one of your muscles.