Why does my mouse keep vibrating everytime i touch it?

Answer you`ve found its G spot

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My mouse suddenly started vibrating!! What can I do I can't turn it off!! It's not even plugged! Please help!?

Your the cause of it..sexual've got to let it out, man! And since its vibrating, use it.

My mouse keeps double clicking on its own almost everytime whenever i click it once to clickables HELP!!!!?

Your right, it maybe a virus. try scanning your pc with up to date virus scanner. Also maybe the mouse try disconnect the mouse then restart your pc. Last resort is to replace your mouse.

Everytime I click, my mouse makes a weird squeaking noise?

This has happened to me before. But I had one of those 'roller' mouses. The clickers are probably a bit sticky, because of dust that gets stuck in between and under it. 'KeyBoardKleen' and other ke... Read More »

I have a iPod touch and everytime I try to?

It still asks for your password to log in to your account but it does not charge your account and in the recipt (usually sent to your email) it shows a charge of $0.00.