Why does my mom get money each month for me being adopted?

Answer If you are adopted now there are financial assistance the parents can get when they adopt a foster child. This is because otherwise they would still look for a family for you if your mom could not ... Read More »

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Why does my mom get money each month from the government for me being adopted Why did she get money from them when I was her foster kid?

When you were still a foster child the biological parents are still obligated to pay for your expenses. Many people have many foster children because they want to and because there is a need but th... Read More »

Will you save money if you make a car payment early each month?

Interest is charged on a loan daily based upon the principal amount of the debt. While the savings over the life of the loan will add up, the daily interest will be less the earlier the loan paymen... Read More »

How many chilrden in the state of Tn are adopted or are waiting to be adopted each year?

The 30 days time limit refers to 30 business days (normal 5 day week) and excludes weekends and holidays.

Why does a woman have a 20 - 25% chance of conceiving each month?

That % is in the fertility window. It seems so low because everything has to work perfectly to conceive, first you have to ovulate and the egg has to be a viable one, then you need to time the sex ... Read More »