Why does my media player slow down my computer?

Answer Many programs can slow your computer's performance; unfortunately, Windows Media Player is a common culprit. Reasons include automatic loading, multiple sound files and defragmentation.Automatic L... Read More »

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How do I add a computer to the"Share My Media to:"tab in Media Player 11?

Connect Computer to NetworkConnect the computer to be added to the "Share My Media" tab to the network via a wireless or wired connection. The devices on the "Share My Media" tab in Windows Media ... Read More »

My computer is running real slow/weak with all media...?

Go to the panda antivirus website and do a free scan there. They scan it for free and get rid of them for free :o)

Why does Media Player not work on my computer?

Windows Media Player may not be working properly on your computer for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot, you need to identify both the version of Windows operating system you have installed on ... Read More »

Which media player in computer is best for viewing blu-ray?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. A DVD is a standard definition video source with either 480 or 576 lines of information in the picture. Playing a standard definition video source on high definition equi... Read More »