Why does my leg still hurt from a cramp that i had yesterday?

Answer Muscles are tight to cause a cramp to happen and the tightness still hasn't left your leg for the pain you still feel. I take it this was your thigh muscle so freeing the muscle back up will relea... Read More »

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Ribs still hurting from yesterday, what is it?

Why do i still feel high from smoking some weed yesterday?

Every time you smoke, no matter how much smoked in the past, many of the effects of THC last for 72 hours. Studies show that people who smoke a joint drive just as badly as someone with a BAC of .... Read More »

Why does a molar tooth still hurt two months after a root canal and could the nerve still be in the tooth?

Weird, I had this same problem recently. I had a root canal down and a few months later my tooth started hurting again. I was now going to a different dentist and he took out the filling and the pr... Read More »

Why does my wrist still hurt?

The pain in your wrist could be due to damage to the capsule of the joint. It can also occur to bone bruises to any of the bones forming the wrist joint. The bones of the wrist joint are very small... Read More »