Why does my left side hurt when I cough!?

Answer you have cancer

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Left side kidneys hurt bad?

Why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?

Perhaps he has Apendicitis?He should go to the hospital in case it is his appendix.If you wait to long it could burst and then could lead to death.

My ribs in my back on the left side hurt for no reason?

Your probably sleeping awkwardly, or have kidney infection. I would go get it looked at by a doctor. Don't self medicate :)

What causes the left side of chest to back and up the neck to hurt dully and then reoccurs?

Hi Madam, I don't know for how long you had your Doctor, but if like you said, you are not happy with him just find another Doctor. He is giving you Metropolol to control your heart because of your... Read More »