Why does my left leg hurt?

Answer Sounds like muscle strain, did you overdo sport or PE exercises that day. Warm bath, massage some heat rub on the lower leg muscle/patella (kneecap) but not near the groin area. If its not gone i... Read More »

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Why does your left shoulder hurt when you raise your left arm?

Why does my left temple hurt?

That pain is actually happening because you have tight neck muscles. When your neck muscles are tight they can press into the nerves leaving the spine that go around your head to cause pains where... Read More »

Why does my left breast hurt?

When are u next on ur period? Hormones tend to give u pain well I get them. if it's like a week away then it's the hormones xx

Why does my left testicle hurt?

Your testicle just sent me an email stating that you rub the other one more often and it's jealous.