Why does my left cheek constantly jumps?

Answer While a twitching nerve can be an after-effect of a stroke, there are much simpler and much more commonly occurring explanations. If you're not having other post-stroke signs, I really wouldn't be ... Read More »

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Swelling in my left butt cheek?

Through your scratching, this has caused a chaffing and friction while walking...Try some baby powder or talc. Keep the area dry, no moisture.

I have one dimple on my left cheek. Is this attractive?

I would love to have one dimple, I personally think it's really cute:)

My left eye waters constantly?

It sounds like a dry eye problem. If I had to guess you are waking up with a corneal surface that is dry and when you step outside in the cold or the wind your brain senses the irritation. The reac... Read More »

GIRLS ONLY!: boyfriend kissed my cheek and it left make-up on his lips!?

agree i agree because it opens up your pores and then the make-up gets in.. oh great now more pimples cause you just clogged your pores lol my favorite foundation is soon-to-be bobbi brown oil-free... Read More »