Why does my lcd tv keep turning off?

Answer Because its getting too hot

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Why does my monitor keep turning off?

Your computer most likely has power saving turned on which will turn different devices off to save power, which personally i hate, so i turned my power saving settings to allow it to stay on.To do ... Read More »

Why does my computer keep turning off and restarting on its own?

Oh oh...danger danger..."blue screen of death".... take your computer to a small independet computer repair shop, tell them your problem, and let them "debug" it/repair it.. take your program discs... Read More »

Why does my TV keep turning on in the middle of the night?

Well you may have kids that are silly and just keep turning it on at the middle of the night lolHaha.Just joking...Your TV is probably in the alarm mode and is set to that time to turn on. Click th... Read More »

Why does my computer keep turning itself off?

Either hard-drive failure, power supply problem or virus I'd say. First of all run anti-virus and anti-spyware scans (download free AVG at and ) to rule ... Read More »