Why does my laptop shut down all of a sudden?

Answer Mine does that too,I think my one does it because the fan is broken and it cant cool itself down.That could be your problem ye, its worth getting it checked out :)

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Why is the volume on my laptop all of a sudden gone?

Those things are so frustrating because nothing seems to help and you didn't do anything to cause this to happen.What you might try is a System Restore. Start ------> All Programs ------> Access... Read More »

How come it seems like my laptop battery is dying faster all of a sudden?

Hotter weather, fan is running more. Or there is some program running in background that is using disk a lot. Or the WiFi is being used more. Or the battery is aging too quickly. If a cell is g... Read More »

Laptop touchpad doesn't work all of a sudden (disabled)?

If your finger is wet the touchpad won't work. (Even sweating might stop it from working.)Or something could have happened to the driver. Go into Control Panel/System, click on the Hardware tab, ... Read More »

My friend was using her laptop when all of a sudden,her speakers didnt work.Does anyone know what happened?

Most likely she clicked on the mute button which kills the sound. That is easy to undo.There is also a sound system diagnostic she can run to do a test of the card and the settings.