Why does my laptop shut down all of a sudden?

Answer Mine does that too,I think my one does it because the fan is broken and it cant cool itself down.That could be your problem ye, its worth getting it checked out :)

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Why does my laptop shut down randomly?

Is it overheating? Do you have the fan covered?This is one of few things that could be happening.

Why does my laptop shut down by itself when it gets too hot?

Well, it shuts off because it's overheating which can damage internal components. It's a kind of failsafe, to prevent your laptop from self-destructing.Since your laptop is 2 years old, it's likely... Read More »

Why does my laptop shut itself down when I am in the middle of typing out an email without my permission?

No, definitely not normal behavior. No computer should randomly shut itself off. You could have a hardware failure of sorts, perhaps a bad fan that's causing your computer to overheat and shut itse... Read More »

Should I Shut Down My Vista Laptop?

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