Why does my laptop keep shutting off?

Answer Without warning, laptops can shut down for a number of reasons. An inoperable or insufficient cooling fan is among the leading causes of unexpected shutdown. Other factors might include battery fai... Read More »

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Why does my computer keep shutting off?

I would start taking backups. Blue screens normally mean a hard drive failure occurring.

Why does the video on my canon 60d keep shutting off?

You didn't say how much video your camera is allowing you to record. While it is indeed limited to approx. 12 minutes of Full HD or HD recording, you also need to make sure your memory card has bee... Read More »

Why does my computer keep shutting down randomy?

Why does my Samsung HDTV keep shutting off all of a sudden?

You may be having an HDMI handshake issue. Are you using an HDMI cable to attach the box to your tv? If so, try using some component cables instead and see if you have better results. Component ca... Read More »