Why does my laptop freeze up?

Answer A laptop that freezes up is a common problem. During a computer freeze, the computer screen will randomly stop working and prevent you from using your computer.TypesAccording to Dell, when all act... Read More »

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Why does a laptop freeze up on startup?

There are many reasons why your laptop might not turn on , ranging from static electricity to memory issues. The laptop is a complicated instrument, and many things can go wrong. However, most of t... Read More »

Why does your laptop freeze when iPhone 3gs is connected?

Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

Can anyone help with tv tuner (Dell) and laptop connection does laptop have to stay on alltime to record?

The computer needs to be on all the time to record TV programs you can burn them onto a DVD I use Nero 7.0 to do that. Hope this helps

Why does my computer freeze up?

if your on a laptop, could be overheating. It will get so hot, it locks everything up, and restarting will work til it gets hot again. Defragging, and deleting history wont do anything unfortunatel... Read More »