Why does my knee keep swelling up?

Answer Quit getting on your knees so much and this wouldn't happen

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I hit my knee and it is now hard to bend it, I do not have any swelling and it does not hurt if it is notbent?

Hit a nerve just slowly bend it out n in and relax it for a bit It should be fine

Pain in knee but no swelling?

It could be a number of things, you didn't give us much to go on. It could be arthritis, it could be ligament damage, it could be worn out cartilage, it could be chondromalacia patella. It could ... Read More »

Hot or cold for knee swelling?

Cold takes away swellinghot takes away pain and soreness

My knee feel tightness when it bend, and little swelling?

give it a few more days then if still the same go back to your doctors until then keep doing what your are doing, have you had problems in the past and whats your age.