Why does my knee hurt when i bend it?

Answer What usually happpens to the knees when they have something different happen to them is the tendon for the kneecap shortens up pulling your kneecap up on and into your knee. when like that your kn... Read More »

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I hit my knee and it is now hard to bend it, I do not have any swelling and it does not hurt if it is notbent?

Hit a nerve just slowly bend it out n in and relax it for a bit It should be fine

Why does my knee crack when I bend it?

Fluid in the knee being pressed out of the joint...or something to that effect. Not a problem...unless it disrupts the environment.

Why does it hurt when I un-bend my arm, when I've had it bent for a while?

It's all related to the blood supply in the arm,when bent you must be reducing the flow of oxiginated blood.Regards.

Why does my ankle hurt when I bend it upwards?

If I were you it would've be safer to see the doctor the day you done it, because if you have done anything, you've probably made it worse.