Why does my knee hurt when I do physical activity PLEASE READ!?

Answer maybe you've been working it too hard or made a wrong turn sometime throughout your day?that happens to me all the time, just don't work out that day and rest your body, and you'll be fine the next... Read More »

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Why does my knee hurt when i'm on the computer?

Most likely sitting to long at the computer. Your joints will stiffen up big time if you do not move them periodically. and the stairs are not that great if its the only time you get up, because ... Read More »

Why does my knee hurt when i bend it?

What usually happpens to the knees when they have something different happen to them is the tendon for the kneecap shortens up pulling your kneecap up on and into your knee. when like that your kn... Read More »

Why does my knee hurt when i try and exercise?

You aren't going to like my answer. But, with years of experience, most of it very painful, I think I can speak with some authority on knee joint pain. You need to rest your knee. You might rest it... Read More »

I hurt me knee, and my mom won't take me to the doctor. *Read description .-.?

You can't make her do anything , but you can make her consider it ok so you need to moan and groan about the pain. You need to drive her crazy about how your need hurts and ask her to write a note ... Read More »