Why does my keyboard write backwords?

Answer Is this by chance happening in Firefox?but not anything else?(Notepad, Word and email are OK?)Sorry, I can't help you 8-)-------------------------------------No seriously, this happened to me for... Read More »

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Why does my computer print documents backwords it prints the last page first, etc. Thanks?

Its just a configuration that printer companies do these days. They thought it would make a difference because your pages are the same order they are on the screen but its not a problem. Most will ... Read More »

How to Write in Spanish on a Keyboard?

Spanish and English have a similar written form because they both use the same basic characters to compose words and sentences. The difference lies in Spanish's use of certain accents that are some... Read More »

How to Write a Fractional Exponent on the Keyboard?

On paper, a fractional exponent appears as a numerator and denominator to the upper right of a base. A base is a number or variable with an exponent. When you type numbers and math symbols on a key... Read More »

Is there a computer that you just talk into and it will write for you. so no more keyboard?

Not exactly a complete removal of keyboards but yes up-to certain extend, this article would help you understand what you are looking for :…Hope you get i... Read More »