Why does my keyboard keep doing this?

Answer Well you pretty much answered your own question. It sounds like your L key is jammed (or sticky) to me.Your best bet is to ether clean the L key and see if that works, or just get a new keyboard. T... Read More »

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Why does my leg keep doing this?

It probably is a cramp which is commonly known as a "Charley Horse". However, the cramping could be a symptom of something else that may be going on. It could signify a deficiency in any of the fol... Read More »

Why does my phone keep doing this?

It's trying to connect to the towers for a stronger signal and keeps resetting to find it. Dial *228 when you're at college and select option 2.

Why does youtube keep doing this?

If YouTube is slow, stuck or weird, and people suggest youeither change, install, use or get something, DON'T TOUCH A THING.Please don’t tinker with your "Java Scripts", "Flash Players"or differe... Read More »

Why does my printer keep doing this?