Why does my jaw click when I open and close my mouth, is that normal?

Answer Most likely, your jaw clicks when you open and close because the mandibular condyle (the top of your jaw bone near your skull) is sliding off and on the temporomandibular disc (a little piece of ca... Read More »

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Is it normal to still have pain when you open your mouth to eat and be unable to open your mouth fully 2 weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It can be normal. It's sometimes quite a surgery. If you are having any concerns, call you doctor. If it isn't getting better at all or starts to get worse, call your doctor. But some ac... Read More »

Is it normal to keep teeth open when mouth is at rest?

At rest the teeth dont touch :) youre fine!

Tabs close when I click them while using Google Chrome?

There may be many reasons to take this error bring about. So it's complex to explain why. I think you just need a solution to this problem. The most easy way is to reinstall your Google Chrome. If ... Read More »

How to Close Several Programs and Pages by One Click Using a Batch File?

It's difficult and often discouraging to have to open Task Manager and stop processes by hand. It's very useful to be able to close applications from the command line, and even more useful to keep ... Read More »