Why does my ipod always close out of apps 10 pts best answer!?

Answer this happend to me aswell and im sorry to say you have to send it away to be repaired, i don't know what apple done to it but everything was deleted when i got it back so keep a back up, and i don'... Read More »

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How do you fix your ipod touch when apps close automatically?

you can try charging it or go to future shop and see if they can fix it. or best buy. wherever you got it from. :)

Sony handycam, import pictures (i always choose best answer)?

Hi thereYou have a digital camera. to get the video onto your computer you need to use Firewire (IEEE1394) in your handbook its called iLink. check to see if your computer has this go to device man... Read More »

Best free iPod touch 4g apps?

1. Tap Tap Revenge 4 ( it's a free music game, similar to Rock Band )2. Mega Jump ( A game where when you get coins, you jump higher and higher. You get cool power ups on the way. )3. TextPlus 4 Fr... Read More »

What are the best apps for the ipod touch 4g?

Here are some really fun and time using apps for the 4g! Faces (uses a camera!) Talking Tom cat Talking news Occupied Mouthoff Gravity guy Bounce down Cut the brids Fruite ninja Temple ru... Read More »