Why does my iplayer on my tv keep saying server response invalid?

Answer I have the same problem with my Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player. The network config check says all is OK and all the other internet content works fine just not iPlayer. It was working OK a few days ag... Read More »

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YouTube invalid response revived ....?

I'm guessing it is meant to say 'received' rather than revived.Sounds as though it is being sent commands/html/code that cannot be interpreted for an ipod. Perhaps there is some coding in there t... Read More »

Why does BBC iplayer keep stopping?

Technically, the taxpayer.The BBC is owned by the UK state. The government funds the BBC by charging all UK television viewers a license fee.

Why does it say incorrect server response when you send a picture through text?

because 4.3 is just the running software version and most apple products use it now

In the new game storm hawks sky racer what does it mean if it keeps saying server busy?

There were a number of them. There was one called (The Singing Lady) which dated to radio-only days. there was a show around l962-63 that had two girls- possibly teenagers or college student aged- ... Read More »