Why does my inner nose membrane dry up&itch?

Answer The inner nose membrane often becomes dry and itchy due to exposure to very low humidity. While dry and itchy membrane can cause pain and be sore to touch, these ailments can be easily remedied.Env... Read More »

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How bad does a nose job hurt Do they really break your nose while you're awake?

you will be in general anesthesia so you wont feel a thing.I suggest trying out nasofix first as it worked for me. Was also scheduled for rhinoplasty but I tried out the device and it really did fi... Read More »

How Does a Cell Membrane Perform?

All animal and bacterial cells are enclosed by a specialized structure or organelle called a cell membrane. Cell membranes contain all of the cell's contents within, and permit the transport of mol... Read More »

Helpppp for bad breath... my inner cheeks and inner lips are covered by a whitish color that smells very bad?

You may have an infection called thrush or if youre taking a new medication it may be a side effect from that. Smoking can also cause it. You should get it checked out if this is just starting

Can nose magic make long mose shorter.or does it just make wide nose slimmer?