Why does my ice stick together?

Answer it might be because you don't pour the cola soon after the ice cubes. In a restaurant, they scoop the ice in and right away add teh cola. You probably add the cubes in, they melt a little, stick ... Read More »

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Why do magnets stick together?

Magnets have a number of fascinating properties. One of the most intriguing is the force that pulls them tightly together.DefinitionA magnet is any object surrounded by a magnetic field strong enou... Read More »

How to Stick Books Together Without Glue?

Sticking books together without glue may sound pointless, but it is a good trick to play on your friends. If you would like to know how to do this, please read on.

How do you keep dumplings fresh, not stick together or get chewy for eating later.?

You wrap the container with cling wrap to keep the dumpling moist"

What mascara doesn't make your eyelashes stick together?

Hey LucayyyHave you tried the kind of expensive ones?They always tend to have more Efoli, which is the Unsticky formula in the mascara. But since companies need to make a profit, They tend to put v... Read More »