Why does my house make creaking sounds?

Answer Creaking noises in a house do not necessarily mean that something is wrong or that someone is walking through the home. In general, temperature changes are the most common reason for the production... Read More »

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What Might it Mean If My Car Makes Creaking Sounds As I Drive Around Corners or Over Bumps?

When your car makes creaking sounds, it can create a feeling of uneasiness. These creaks can come from a few different components; they usually result from the normal wear and tear put on the car o... Read More »

Why Does My House Make Unusual Popping Sounds?

Popping and creaking sounds are common in a house, regardless of its age. Consider a few possible culprits before you start getting spooked. Does this Spark an idea?

How do you layer sounds to make those big leads in house music?

Phat Synths: You do this by layering some small synths that will "work" with eachother. I never have a big sounding synth. They just sound big because i have a lot of stuff layered. For example in ... Read More »

Why are the sounds of a house settling so unsettling?

When your alone, the walls cannot hear your screams. lol. Your insurance rates keep going up. 2xlol You live in New Orleans area and you have no idea when the settling will stop since the governmen... Read More »