Why does my heart beat fast when I wake up?

Answer It's quite normal. While you are sleeping your pulse rate and BP's go down to incredibly low figures, because all your organs need very little blood to keep them ticking over.When wakening, and ris... Read More »

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What does it mean when you wake up and you feal your heart beat fast in your chest and its hard to breathe?

Did it almost feel like your heart was skipping a little? If it was you had palpitations. Go see a doctor right away! You will need an echocardiogram and perhaps a holter monitor. Don't worry, both... Read More »

Why does my heart beat so fast when im nervous about something?

it is ur sympathetic nervous system which secretes the neurotransmitter adrenalin which acts to speed up your heart and make it contract more powerfully this happens when you get excited or nervous... Read More »

When i Drink Alcohol, After My Buzz Subsides & i Go To Sleep, i Wake Up W/ My Heart Pounding Fast.(read below)?

DEHYDRATION. This condition is caused by alcohol consumption. It throws your electolytes out of whack. Once symptom of dehydration is a rapid heart beat. Also, headache. Sound familiar with a hango... Read More »

Why does my heart beat too fast and hard for no reason?

I notice my heart has stutters or spasms, whatever you want to call it, where if I am under too much stress I feel it suddenly beat hard and knock the wind out of me. I found this happens only whe... Read More »